V4 Marine Communications System - V4 NAVTEX Test System

V4 NAVTEX ModemThe ICS Electronics Limited V4 NAVTEX Test system may be used for type approval, general performance testing and production testing of NAVTEX receivers.

The system comprises ICS V4 NAVTEX Test application software controlling up to two V4 NAVTEX modems via a TCP/IP LAN.

The NAVTEX modems feature digital FSK output for direct connection to RF Signal generators which feature a FSK mode, such as the IFR2024, or those equipped with a direct-coupled external modulation input.

An optional analogue FSK output is also available.

Qualification testing to IEC 61097 requirements multiple is made easy by using the systems pre-configured set of standard test sequences.
These sequences may be changed if required.

Key Features:

  • Optimised for testing NAVTEX receivers to IEC 61097-6 Ed.2
  • Windows XP application software
  • Digital FSK output for direct interface to RF Signal generators
  • Pre-configured ‘Standard Test Signals' and sequences
  • Conforms to ITU-R M.540 and ITU-R M625 protocols (TCP/IP)
  • ‘INS' interface to automatically log NAVTEX receiver output

Typical V4 NAVTEX Test Setup

Typical Test Setup:

V4 NAVTEX Test System Operation
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A typical test set up is shown above. For simple functional testing only one RF Signal Generator is required. For full conformance testing to IEC 61097-6 three signal generators are required.

For simultaneous reception testing the two NAVTEX modems are used for generation of independent simultaneous NAVTEX messages on two frequencies.

V4 NAVTEX Test System Scope of Supply

The standard system comprises the following items:

Qty 1 V4 NAVTEX Test Software Media supplied on CD-ROM.
Qty 1 V4 NAVTEX Test Software License
Qty 2 V4 NAVTEX Test Modem – requires 12-24VDC 1A power supply

ICS will be pleased to quote for or advise on other items of the overall test system as required.

V4 NAVTEX Test System Brochure (325KB pdf)