V4 Marine Communications System - NAVTEX Broadcasting System

Canadian Coastguard StationICS Electronics Limited is the world leader in the design, integration and supply of advanced NAVTEX systems, with over 30 stations in commission.

Key Features:

  • IMO Compliant - supports VITAL, IMPORTANT and ROUTINE messages

  • Proven Reliability

  • Fully Automated NAVTEX broadcasts

  • Reduced operator workload

  • Simple message compilation

  • Centralised management of multiple stations

  • Supports international and national NAVTEX frequencies

  • Automated input from remote information providers

  • Graphical display of time slot usage

  • Monitoring and verification of transmissions

  • Integrated transmitter control

  • Automated low power reduction

  • TCP/IP network system architecture

  • Remote administration and diagnostics

  • Established support and training services

The V4 NAVTEX, a component part of the V4 Marine Communications System, provides facilities to compile, edit, schedule and transmit Maritime Safety Information by NAVTEX in compliance with the IMO and ITU requirements.

The highly automated system monitors and verifies its own transmissions and can display NAVTEX messages from other stations.

The compilation of NAVTEX messages is very straightforward, essential when operator time may be at a premium. Station letters, message serial numbers, message headers and end of transmission characters are automatically generated. The operator simply has to select a category, select the first transmission time slot from a pull down list and enter the message. To aid the operator text can be pasted or imported from other Windows® applications during message compilation.

The V4 NAVTEX accepts automatic entry of messages from remote information providers such as meteorological or hydrographical establishments reducing operator workload.

Online status monitoring, logging and comprehensive remote diagnostics and test facilities are included.

The system may be provided as a turnkey solution including transmitters, antennae and remote control systems or as a sub-system ready for integration with existing equipment.

V4 Marine Communication System - NAVTEX Overview (500KB pdf)
V4 Marine Communication System - NAVTEX Brochure (380KB pdf)