V4 Marine Radio Analyser - MF/HF/VHF DSC Marine Radio Test System

DSC3 and VHF3 Radio'sICS Electronics Limited is a world leader in the design, integration and supply of GMDSS VHF, MF/HF DSC Coast Radio and NAVTEX Broadcast solutions with a direct and active participation in the governing committees.

The V4 Marine Radio Analyser may be used for type approval, general performance testing and production testing of DSC capable MF/HF/VHF transceivers.

AIS transponder DSC capability may be verified using the V4 Radio Analyser AIS channel management messages.

The system comprises ICS V4 Marine Radio Analyzer software controlling V4 DSC Modems via a TCP/IP Network.

The V4 DSC modems feature digital FSK output for direct connection to RF signal generators having an FSK mode, such as the IFR2024, or those equipped with a direct-coupled external modulation input.

An intuitive graphical user interface makes the composition and automatic timed transmissions of test signals quick and simple.

The modular design of the V4 Marine Radio Analyser means the system can be easily expanded to provide additional test capabilities when required.

Key Features:

  • 4th Generation System
  • IMO complaint
  • Proven reliability
  • Reduced operator workload
  • Centralised management of multiple sites
  • Integrated control of MF, HF and VHF services
  • Automated call handling, logging and archiving
  • Advanced MMI
  • Network system architecture (TCP/IP)
  • Data interchange with 3rd party systems
  • Fault tolerant – Dual server
  • Full fault detection and indication at workstation
  • Established support and Training services

 Radio Analyser Preview

Typical V4 Marine Radio Analyser set up:

V4 Marine Radio Analyser Setup
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V4 Marine Radio Analyser Brochure (320KB pdf)