NAV6 eNAVTEX App Activation

​The eNAVTEX App will run in trial mode for thirty days from installation. During this period, the application is fully functional, except that the trial window will appear periodically to remind you that the application is running in trial mode.

After the thirty day trial period expires, the eNAVTEX App will no longer connect to a receiver. It will still be possible to activate the eNAVTEX App after the trial period has expired.

To activate the eNAVTEX App, you can click the Activate Now button in the trial popup window or open the About page and click the Activate Now button found there.

This will launch the activation wizard to guide you through the activation process.

You can obtain an activation code by telephone or by email. If you have Internet access on the PC where the App is installed, you can select the email link from the wizard which will open your email program with a pre-completed activation request.

Alternatively you can submit a request using this link and fill in the required information.

Full details on the NAV6 eNAVTEX App Activation Procedure are given in the Application Help file and in the NAV6 App User Guide. The procedure can also be accessed online.