ICS V4 DSC and Radiotelephony System for St Vincent’s and the Grenadines

ICS has been awarded a project in St Vincent’s and the Grenadines implementing the start of their GMDSS program.

St Vincent’s and the Grenadines sought Wold Bank funding to initiate a full GMDSS system, starting with A1 (DSC and RT) VHF coverage of their waters. The overall aim is to implement and A1 and A2 GMDSS system comprising 3 remote radio sites at Rose Hall, Mount St Andrews, Union Island and one central operations centre at Caliaqua.

Phase I will be completed in August 2012, and implement a system that is suitable for future expansion starting with one remote VHF site at Mount St Andrews and the Operations Centre at Caliaqua. ICS will supply their V4 Marine Communication Systems along with their new V4 RoIP audio switch providing voice communications to vessels and cross patching through to land line telephony.