ICS Active NAVTEX Antenna

The ICS Active NAVTEX Antenna is one of the two recommended active antennas supplied by ICS. This is a wideband antenna optimised to receive 490-518kHz with an impedance of 50 ohm.

Active Antenna

Technical Specification

ICS Part Number ICS.905.05
Length 1.2m (4 ft)
Weight 2Kg
Bottom Diameter 20mm
Fittings Insertion on 26mm pipe fixing bolt 1" gas.
Structure Epoxy fiberglass.
Finishing Polyurethane paint.
Ferrule Chrome plated brass.
Temperature -35 to 80 deg C.
Wind loading 150km/h
Base Torsion Force 20N at max wind speed.
Frequency 490-518kHz, 4.2 Mhz
Antenna Magnetic transformer
Impedance 50ohm
Gain +3db on 10 metre wire.
IP3 +30 dbm
Supply Voltage 10Vdc in the coax (PSU Available - ICS.905.07).
Supply Current 40mA
Noise Protection Galvanic Insulation.
Connector SO 239 female (insulated from antenna body).
Lightning Protection Schotty diode + gas arrester.