ICS Active Wideband NAVTEX Antenna (Whip)

The ICS Active Wideband NAVTEX Antenna is one of the two recommended active antennas supplied by ICS. This wideband antenna has a operating range of 50kHz to 30MHz with an impedance of 50 ohm. This antenna is suitable for NAVTEX and various other applications meaning that with a splitter you can reduce the amount of antenna's needed on your vessel.

Active Wideband Antenna

Technical Specification

ICS Part Number ICS.905.04
Length 0.93m
Weight 0.30Kg (Inc. 20m RG58 Coax Cable)
Fittings Aluminium Bracket, Black Finish, 7" Stand off.
Structure Stainless Steel Whip
Frequency Range 50kHz - 30MHz
Max Range Receiving only.
Impedance 50ohm
Supply Voltage 10 - 30Vdc (PSUs Available - ICS.905.07 & ICS.905.06).
Connector BNC Connector.
Feed Cable RG58 50ohm 20m Coax.