NAV6 Antenna Replacement System

NAV6 Replacement Antenna System with eNAVTEX Receiver

The NAV6 Antenna Replacement System was designed to offer customers with the option to replace old style ICS antennas for example the old ICS fin style antenna.

ICS offers the new eNAVTEX Receiver as part of this system which offers like for like functionality of your old style antenna/receiver. The eNAVTEX Receiver is also offers the latest feature set from USB connectivity to compatibility with the ICS eNAVTEX PC application.

NAV6 Antenna Replacement

NAV6 Antenna Replacement System Features

The NAV6 Antenna Replacement System, is now supplied with the more advanced eNAVTEX receiver as standard as used in the NAV6plus eNAVTEX Premium System.

eNAVTEX Receiver Features:

  • High quality NAVTEX receiver.
  • Simultaneous 490kHz and 518kHz NAVTEX reception.
  • MS Windows® eNAVTEX App compatibility.
  • Flash memory message store.
  • May be externally mounted.
  • USB Connectivity.
  • Passive Antenna with 10m cable.
  • Upgradeable.

eNAVTEX Receiver Technical Specification

ICS Part Number   ICS.916.14
Receiver Module Power Consumption (Typical) 90mA  (1w at 12V)
Receiver Module


Splash proof
Receive Frequency
Antenna Input

Screw terminal and USB Type B.
Bulkhead mounting via two self-tapping screws (supplied).
Unit must be mounted below decks in s a suitable dry location.
Height: 146mm, Width: 96mm, Depth: 35mm
Not for outside use.
490kHz and 518kHz


ICS Product Number Product Description
ICS.916.14 NAV6 Replacement Antenna with eNAVTEX Receiver Highly tuned passive NAVTEX antenna and eNAVTEX Receiver that can be used to replace the older active fin shaped antenna. Enables the addition of the eNAVTEX App multiple display features.