NAV6plus eNAVTEX Premium System V3

Dual Channel NAVTEX Receiver and Display

The ICS NAV6 series of NAVTEX receivers have long been synonymous with the high quality manufacturer and reliability throughout the product range.

The NAV6 was the world's first LCD NAVTEX system to offer dual channel (518kHz and 490kHz) reception as standard. Information is presented on a large and easy-to-read LCD display, rivalling paper print-out for legibility.

NAVTEX is part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). It broadcasts weather and navigation warnings in English on 518kHz every four hours from transmitters around the world. Increasingly, local language and small craft information is also transmitted on 490kHz. Urgent messages such as gale warnings can also be transmitted in between scheduled transmissions when necessary.

NAV6 eNAVTEX Premium

NAV6plus eNAVTEX Premium System Features

The NAV6plus eNAVTEX Premium System is now available for purchase. Our premium system allows you to view NAVTEX data on your NAV6plus display as well as on your PC, laptop or tablet via the eNAVTEX app. NAVTEX messages, MMSI data, NAVTEX stations and their broadcasts are also plottable on an easy to use PC base map display/chart. A well as this, the new NAV6plus system has all the capabilities of the standard NAV6 with the addition of GPS and NMEA repeater displays and a new digital barograph feature.


You can purchase this system as a whole package or upgrade your existing NAV6 or NAV6plus System to get the latest software and features. For more details on the best upgrade options for you, please contact ICS or your dealer.


A list of features available in for the NAV6plus eNAVTEX Premium System are below:

  • High quality NAVTEX receiver.
  • Simultaneous 490kHz and 518kHz NAVTEX reception.
  • Large clear 480 x 320 resolution LCD Display.
  • Up to 8 NMEA Instrument Repeater Views
  • NMEA Logger
  • MS Windows® eNAVTEX App.
  • Chart view showing area affected in a NAVTEX message.
  • Flash memory message store.
  • Worldwide NAVTEX Station Database.
  • Manual Station Selection.
  • Automatic Station Selection.
  • Filter by Message Type.
  • May be externally mounted.
  • Passive Antenna with 10m cable.
  • Bad weather alarm
  • Barometric pressure displays with plotted history and Beaufort forecast
  • Upgradeable.

Technical Specification

ICS Part Number   ICS.916.11-3
PC Requirements Operating System
Disk Space
Windows 10, Wndows 8, or Windows 7.
1 Gigahertz (Ghz) or faster
1 Gigabyte (GB)
5 Gigabytes (GB) of free disk space
DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
Display Unit Power   Voltage Range
Consumption (Typical)
Backlight full
Backlight off
Sleep Mode
10.8V to 15.6V

310mA (3.8W at 12V)
165mA (2.0W at 12V)
115mA (1.4W at 12V)

Receiver Module Power Consumption (Typical) 90mA  (1w at 12V)
Display Unit Operating Temperature Range
Storage Temperature Range
Weight (without cable)
Splash Proof
0 to +50degC
-20 to +55degC
0 to 95%
Above and below decks.
445g (approx.)
Receiver Module


Splash proof
Receive Frequency
Antenna Input

Screw terminal and USB Type B.
Bulkhead mounting via two self-tapping screws (supplied).
Unit must be mounted below decks in s a suitable dry location.
Height: 180mm, Width: 122mm, Depth: 36mm
Not for outside use.
490kHz and 518kHz
Air Pressure
Display Unit Features

Auto-Station Selection
NMEA Repeater Views
NMEA Repeater Functions


Display Resolution
Display Backlight
Keyboard Backlight

Barometric Resolution
Barometric Accuracy
Barometric Y-Axis
Barometric X-Axis
Message Storage

Combined, Position, Waypoint, Conning and 4 Custom.
Date/Time, Position, Heading, Water Speed, Ground Speed, Course, Wind Speed/Direction, Distance Trip/Total, Depth, Rate of Turn, and Waypoint Name/Position/Range/Closing Speed/Bearing/Cross Track error.
1/2 VGA (480x320 pixels) monochrome

RS485 Serial Receiver and NMEA input.
Peizo buzzer for audio alarms.
Internal temperature sensor.
Non-volatile flash memory.
12 hours to 7 days
Greater than 3 days of NAVTEX under normal conditions.

NAV6plus eNAVTEX Premium System V3 Options

Various options are available for this system. Please view the list below and contact ICS here for if you have any questions or wish to place an order.

ICS.916.11-3 NAV6 eNAVTEX System V3
ICS.916.12-3 NAV6 eNAVTEX System V3 without Antenna
ICS.6020.09 NAV6 'U' Mounting Bracket
ICS.6020.27 Antenna Extension Cable 10m
ICS.6020.28 Antenna Extension Cable 30m
ICS.903.03 Antenna Mount Nylon Pushpit Rail